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I've always loved to cook. Went to culinary school and spent 15 years of my life cooking in professional kitchens, until hanging up my knives for good. I thought maybe taking over a business would be better suited for me; which it was. Allowed me to have a life, a family, weekends and holidays' off and not be chained to a stove 6 days a week, 13 hours a day for shit pay. Fast forward to today and my passion for cooking and good food, are still what really excites me.

Entertaining friends and family and putting on dinner parties is something I really look forward to. BBQ and smoking foods is something I took a liking to and have gotten pretty good at. Trained mostly in classical French and a little bit of everything else, I've now become a self taught pit master. 


Smoked & Smashed is about good food and company at your home, cottage, or any place you love to be with family and friends.  


I've put together some of my favourite things that I love to smoke for you to enjoy.



Chef Jason Cherun owner of Smoked & Smashed
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